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Ishmael and Isaac: An Essay on the Divergent Moral Economies of...

Abstract The Torah and the Qur'an offer different conceptions of individual autonomy. These differences are best illustrated by the manner in which the two scriptures...

A Christmas Message to Vice-President Mike Pence

Mr. Vice President: As you celebrate Christmas with your family and listen to the gospel story of the birth of Jesus, I hope you will...

Gay ‘Marriages’: So what’s next?

"Human history for thousands of years have evolved through heterosexual activities, male and female joined to form the basic social unit of family, this is a fact that nobody can contest. We do not know of any societies that has evolved through pure homosexual practices and flourished, at the very least they would have to be bisexuals to procreate."

Bachmann is out, Who’s next?

"It is simply unlikely that either party can hope to win the next election without massive support from the independents. Thus, if the Republican voters are serious about a change in the White House, they better wise up by nominating a candidate that the independent voters won’t mind voting for. Since the next election should also be about the direction the Americans would like their nation to follow in the coming years so as not to hastily embrace the fate of the falling Roman Empire, any urge to go back to the pyrrhic, gung-ho days of Bush would be not only insane, it would be utterly suicidal."

Highlighting the Palestinian human narrative

"While 1,027 stories are now being narrated, thousands other stories are held back behind bars. When will Palestinians understand that the political struggle is not limited to the fight over the precious Palestinian land, but also for the hearts and minds of people around the world? Humanising the Palestinian case is a prerequisite to gaining the political support of the world community....Coupled with the political actions at the UN and nonviolent protests in Palestine, a human Palestinian narrative is necessary in order to win over whoever is yet not totally supporting the Palestinians' inalienable right to live in freedom and peace."



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