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"Let’s invade the world to boost our economy"

"It is not that the US does not have the military power to bomb the entire planet many times over. It’s the fragility of the world in which Americans too have to make a living that forces them to compromise and resort to token warfare."

A Game Changing Act to Promote Peace

"...we should have learned from the Oslo period, if the daily life experiences of people are worsening, negotiations will be negatively impacted. Throughout the 1990’s as settlements in the West Bank doubled in size and a network of Jewish-only roads were being constructed, carving the area into pieces, severely constricting Palestinian mobility; and Israel’s closure had caused economic stagnation, a doubling of Palestinian unemployment and a severe decline in personal income – I warned U.S. negotiators not to ignore these troubling facts."

Jury Gives Mayor Sheila Dixon a "Go to Jail" Card!

Baltimore’s Mayor Sheila Dixon was convicted on Dec. 1, 2009, by a jury of her peers, of stealing gift cards, worth about $525, intended for the “poor and needy.” As a result, she will forfeit her office, lose her $83,000 a year pension, and could go to jail. Her crime paled in significance to the massive wrongdoings of the Wall Street Mob, but, the State Prosecutor underscored to the jury: The Mayor was stealing “from the children of Baltimore!”

Islam in the Age of Extremism

"Contrary to their gown-wearing counterparts, the suit-wearing extremists are more sophisticated and more illusive. They consult with image-makers and PR specialists and speak the language of the dominant with seductive eloquence. As such, the suit-wearing extremists are more prone to fly under the radar of public sensibilities and media scrutiny, and this not only gives them the leverage but the impunity to go for the kill- painting all Muslims and Islam on one broad negative paintbrush."

The alternatives are grim

"It is indeed time to look seriously at alternatives. We need a new strategy, but the prospects are grim. Are Israel's best options military or diplomatic? Do they lie in Damascus or Gaza City? Certainly, we should beware of dramatic Israeli policy changes that further weaken Abbas, as long as there is any chance at all of a peace breakthrough."



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