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Setting Egypt on fire

Thankfully, all the chatter about how Egypt's revolution would not have been possible without the (quick intake of breath) "new media", has been dampened by those who know it best. "Tunisians took to the streets due to decades of frustration, not in reaction to a WikiLeaks cable, a denial-of-service attack, or a Facebook update," Ethan Zuckerman wrote in Foreign Policy in mid-January. "This is not a Facebook revolution, and not an Internet revolution," one Egyptian protester insisted. "This is not about the Internet, this is about the needs and demands of the Egyptian people."

The Winds of Democratic Change in the Arab World

"The winds of democratic change are blowing in the Arab world and Arab states would be better off to accommodate rather than resist. Arab states can choose to either use its refreshingly young energy to build a more inclusive political order and more prosperous economy and society, or can ignore the writings on the walls and, hence, turn the winds into unpredictable storms."

Shame on ADL for opposing mosque two blocks from Ground Zero

"Shame on ADL and the American Jewish Committee for not understanding the moral imperatives of this moment! They not only betray Jewish values ("do not do unto others what you would not wish them to do to you") and American values (government should not interfere with the operations of religious communities), they unintentionally but nevertheless certainly increase the tensions between Jews and Muslims at a moment when all sane people in both communities recognize the need to build bridges of understanding, friendship and mutual caring as a prelude to supporting peace in Israel."

Helen Thomas – People’s Journalist – Resigns

"Helen Thomas stood out for truth and honesty in journalism away from the overwhelming dehumanizing influence of the Israel-firsters in Washington. In a pro-Israel, Zionist dominated media world, expressing views that are perceived to be hostile to the interest of the pariah state of Israel can be journalistically suicidal. It was, thus, not a question of why but when that final curtain would be drawn on Helen Thomas’s glorious journalist career. And that’s what happened last week in Washington."

The big bad (Israeli) wolf is nothing but a Coward

"Currently, there are over 300 Palestinian children in Israeli jails, some as young as 12. Israeli military law allows for the prosecution of Palestinians as adults once they turn 16 while Israeli children can only be put on trial as adults when they are 18. However, the treatment these children receive, regardless of whether they are tried as adults or not, is certainly not proportional to their age and often causes long-term trauma for these children."



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