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Breivik’s mindset shaped by West’s dislike of Islam

"Islam on the other hand, does not believe in the fanciful idea of freedom of religion, whereby a handful of men decide which beliefs are legally beyond reproach and which beliefs and practices are subject to unfettered criticism and legislation. Islam stipulates that life, honour, blood, property, belief, race and the mind are to be protected by the Islamic State."

The Media Is a Curable Disease

"A public body would still have to determine what outlets or articles/audios/videos qualified. Libel, war propaganda, pornography and other illegal materials would have to be excluded. Internet access would have to be made available to all. And Ackerman's idea is probably too susceptible to fraud. I think Baker may be onto the most encouraging angle, one that allows equal weight to those who spend all day online and those who don't, and one fairly easily monitored. The trick would be to restrict qualified outlets to those that produce serious reporting and to restrict the use of public funds to serious reporting. Clearly, one way or another, we could deny Rupert Murdoch the power to decide what each nation gets to see. All we need is a functioning government."

Al-jazeera unmasked by coverage in Libya and Bahrain

"There is an unmistakable feeling among many observers that Al-jazeera is little more than a sophisticated mouthpiece for Western and conservative Arabian monarchies and shaikhdoms and that its claim to being a voice for the Arab masses is a fraud. After all, the people of Bahrain are as much part of the Middle Eastern landscape as the people of Libya, Yemen or Syria. Many observers have also felt uneasy about the exaggerated reports being broadcast by Al-jazeera about the situation in Syria, but its deafening silence over the crimes perpetrated by the Khalifahs and the Saudis in Bahrain is painfully obvious."

This Isn’t Your Daddy’s Gulf War

"Taking full advantage of the political environment that emerged after his Gulf adventure, the First Bush took the initiative and launched the Madrid conference that eventually led to the Oslo peace process. George the Second joined Sharon in burying Oslo and promoted a replacement “Road Map” - which has now been amended to a Gaza disengagement farce."

The First Bush-Kerry Debate

"While it would be too much to state that Pakistan’s existence would be threatened with a Kerry victory, it is taken for granted in Pakistan that the country usually suffers more at the hands of Democrats as compared to Republicans."



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