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How Kurdish independence underpins Israel’s plan to reshape the Middle East

Palestinians and Israelis watched last week’s referendum of Iraq’s Kurds with special interest. Israeli officials and many ordinary Palestinians were delighted – for very...

3 countries, 2 weddings, 1 couple

"It takes minutes to move between these adjacent towns, but they are kilometres away because of the 45-year-old political and military situation caused by Israel's occupation of Arab lands."

Israel’s real Easter pilgrims

"The daily stream of Jewish and Christian Disney-pilgrims continue to wail at one Wall or pass through another to visit a faux manger in Bethlehem, or a prettified Garden of Gethsemane. Only Egypt’s Coptic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church refuse to give permission to pilgrims to make these jaunts, which give tacit approval to Israel’s destruction of Jerusalem’s Christian and Muslim heritage."

Israel’s Fear of Three Simple Words: Welcome to Palestine

"The victory may not be in the numbers of pro-Palestinian supporters that made it into the country; that was obviously not the case. But there is a palpable victory in the number of people who were willing to risk arrest, detention and deportation to stand by the Palestinians and their cause. There is a victory in the number of Israelis who would defy their own government and risk being called ‘self-hating Jews’ and ‘traitors’ to stand by their principles and say to Israel’s face that the occupation must end. There is something to be said about Israel when it is so threatened by a sign held up by peaceful protesters with three simple words: Welcome to Palestine."

Will Canada’s social-democratic party be able to prevent a leadership coup?

If the NDP expects to make inroads into Quebec it is logical for it to compete for the Jewish vote, but how far is the NDP prepared to go to mortgage its principles for electoral advantage?



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