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Who’s aiding Judaisation?

"These are the ring roads planned by the occupation authorities in order to link Jewish settlements that now control 42 per cent of the area of the West Bank, which does not include the area of occupied territory that Israel annexed to the Jerusalem municipality, according to the BTselem human rights centre. The ring roads also serve to carve the rest of the West Bank into cantons densely populated by Palestinians."

South African Elections

"The struggle for democracy is not only concerned with giving the right to all to elect a representative government, but more importantly, to elect a just government. It is critical for the electorate to transmit to the political leadership that righteous conduct is valued, and that a drop in ethical standards and morality will not be condoned."

Bush Fiddles While Middle East Burns

"Israel has endangered every American in Iraq and blown a hole in the Iraqi government that Bush & Co. have worked so hard to create."

Government Overregulation of Broadcast Content Could Backfire

"The bottom line is that more aggressive enforcement of indecency regulations on broadcast TV and radio could backfire and actually lead to even racier content. Members of Congress would be advised to look before they leap."

Is Iraq Another Vietnam?

"The American public has been more patient with the U.S. government in Iraq than in Lebanon and Somalia. After the September 11 attacks, the President and his people repeatedly implied -- disingenuously -- that Saddam was implicated in that tragedy. But after President Bush was finally forced to admit that no Saddam-September 11 link had been discovered and that no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq were found that could be given to terrorists, the Bush’s administration’s justifications for war are now in shambles."



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