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Islamic State: Is It Over?

Late last month, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, met the leaders of Iran, Turkey and Syria, allegedly to discuss a final peace settlement in the...

Pentagon: Wars used to train Global NATO Expeditionary Force

For high-end operations read wars....As the U.S. moves into new bases in the Asia-Pacific region and deploys more warships and warplanes to the Middle East, it can count on NATO to police Europe, the Mediterranean - North Africa and the western Middle East - the Horn of Africa and the South Caucasus on its behalf....NATO has secured a mobile, integrated, combat-tested global expeditionary force for the West."

Fahrenheit 11/11/11

"A war to end wars and make the world safe for democracy cannot end without some lingering demand for peace and justice, or at least for something more valuable than the flu and prohibition. Even those rejecting the idea that the war could in any way help advance the cause of peace aligned with all those wanting to avoid all future wars -- a group that probably encompassed most of the U.S. population."

A concerted effort from Europe against Israeli produce exporter Agrexco

"The land confiscations, the stolen water, the house demolitions, the checkpoints, make it impossible for Palestinians to develop their own economy. A reasonable person can draw but one conclusion, these policies serve to drive the Palestinians from their land."

Israeli firms accused of profiting from the Holocaust :: Families battle...

"A quarter of a million Holocaust survivors are reported to be in Israel, with one-third of them living in poverty, according to welfare organisations."



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