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BDS: Boycotting Apartheid

"The Netherlands has become notorious for the Islamophobia whipped up by Dutch politician and filmmaker Geert Wilders, who proudly says “I hate Islam,” calls the Quran a “fascist book” and the Prophet Mohamed “the devil”. He argues that Muslim immigration is a “Trojan Horse”. His words are being echoed by Israeli politician Aryeh Eldad, who condemned the boycott move: "The Dutch surrender to the Arabs reflects their surrender to the Muslim minority." This principled move by the Dutch, clearly an attempt to fight the negative image of the Netherlands, will give pause for thought to all governments. Israel Local Council Chairman Shlomo Buchbut rightly concludes: "The decision by the Netherlands puts the [Israeli-Arab] conflict before anything else."

Palestine’s gain is Lebanon’s pain

"Fearing diplomatic pressures, Israel…conducted punitive military raids ‘deliberately out of proportion’ against ‘Palestinian and Lebanese civilians’ in order to weaken ‘PLO moderates,’ strengthen the hand of Arafat’s ‘radical rivals,’ and guarantee the PLO’s ‘inflexibility.’… To fend off Arafat’s ‘peace offensive’—Yaniv’s telling phrase—Israel embarked on military action [against Lebanon] in June 1982..." -- Robert Fisk

The Light Rail Racist? Of Course it is

"...the light rail is racist in nature given that it will basically serve to connect illegal settlements and further strengthen Israel's stronghold on Jerusalem. Palestinians in the Shufat Refugee Camp do not have a stop, neither do those living in Beit Hanina or the villages surrounding Jerusalem. So, for the municipality to be up in arms over a "racist" question is absurd and it is insulting to our intelligence. The light rail is not for all of Jerusalem's citizens and the fact that a few Palestinians may ride it occasionally is hardly proof of equality."

Rejoicing in our Little Victories

"...there are little victories to rejoice in, achievements that have been accomplished against all odds. The Palestinians are not and never will be without hope and should never be written off as a people without a future. Just look at our award winning girls in Askar. Now that is a future worth fighting for."

Zionism’s un-Christian Bible

"...it is the people of the Middle East who have suffered most at the hands of an expansionist Israel, emboldened by the unswerving allegiance of America’s Christian Zionists, who were led to believe that Scofield’s words were God’s will."