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Baltimore City hit with Juvenile Crime Crisis

Baltimore City Mayor, Catherine Pugh, is a very competent, conscientious and likable politician. As of November 15, 2017, however, she is at a crossroads...

Obama: Assassin Extraordinary!

"Obama's default position on Islam that is evident in his reluctance to de-link from the notorious military control of Egypt despite a popular revolution that toppled his ally Hosni Mubarak!...Likewise his unjudicious role in manipulating UN resolutions to lead US/NATO bombardment of Libya; his arming and backing of dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to retain power by crushing civil rights movements; and his illegal unilateral sanctions on Iran has not endeared him to Muslims desirous of living freely and in dignity."

Audience of One

"U.S. television networks for the most part gave scant coverage to the unfolding tragedy – leaving viewers interested in the story no recourse but to hunt down al Jazeera English or the BBC to follow the tragic events at sea. Print media was a bit better, but as FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting – a media watchdog group) noted, too often the major dailies reported the story “through Israel’s eyes” giving the benefit of the doubt to Israeli claims and focusing on the impact the event would have on U.S.- Israeli relations rather than on the plight of Palestinians or the legality of Israel’s attack in international waters."

"Storyteller" by Rafael Alvarez has characters galore :: Book Review ::

Rafael Alvarez’s “Storyteller” is a delight to read. It’s mostly about larger than life characters from Baltimore, MD. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be from there to enjoy it as much as I did. Alvarez was a reporter for the Baltimore Sun for 23 years (1978-2001). He literally covered the waterfront, and if necessary, he did the obits. “Storyteller” is made up of 67 newspaper articles, two essays and three well-honed short stories.

Rudacille’s Tome: A Must-Read for Labor Buffs :: Book Review ::

In 1959, Bethlehem’ Sparrows Point plant, outside Baltimore, was “the largest steelworks in the world.” In its heyday, it employed 36,000 workers. Bethlehem went into bankruptcy in 2001, and many of its retirees at the “Point” got screwed out of their benefits. Deborah Rudacille’s book, “Roots of Steel,” recreates, via compelling “oral histories,” the history of the Point; the collapse of Bethlehem, an industrial titan; and the baleful impact that it had on the lives of its union workers and communities that they lived in.



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