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Abusing the Constitution and Rule of Law

"It is in their own interest that they should abide by the law and give up their hegemonic attitude which they are adopting for continuation of their very much unpopular rule. No country can survive where its rulers in the higher herearchy are adamant to the rule of law and constitution. The rulers should not try to mislead the general public on repeating every time the slogan of the superiority of the parliament."

Prisoners have the rights to see parents and read books

"It would be commendable to see Nobel Literature laureates sign a statement calling on Israel to stop the policy of banning books for Palestinian prisoners....It would be great if universities around the world and academics would push Israel to allow prisoners to take the high school examination and enroll in distance college education."

Israel’s Fear of Three Simple Words: Welcome to Palestine

"The victory may not be in the numbers of pro-Palestinian supporters that made it into the country; that was obviously not the case. But there is a palpable victory in the number of people who were willing to risk arrest, detention and deportation to stand by the Palestinians and their cause. There is a victory in the number of Israelis who would defy their own government and risk being called ‘self-hating Jews’ and ‘traitors’ to stand by their principles and say to Israel’s face that the occupation must end. There is something to be said about Israel when it is so threatened by a sign held up by peaceful protesters with three simple words: Welcome to Palestine."

The masses suffer as political theater grips Pakistan

"...the military is locked in a battle with the civilian government that is being waged in the Supreme Court. The army accuses the civilians of colluding with the Americans to undermine the military. This is certainly true. The civilian government has completely sold out to the Americans. The military, too, is not without fault. While it has wrapped itself in the mantle of patriotism, it is equally willing to strike a deal with Uncle Sam if its interests are served. Thus, the military — or more accurately, the army top brass — is quite willing to turn a blind eye to American drone attacks on civilians in Pakistan as long as their privileges remain untouched. Over the last decade, the Americans have killed more than 30,000 Pakistanis, the overwhelming majority being innocent civilians."

Rare sign of Palestinia​n backbone: Standing up to US and Israeli...

"...Palestinians are witnessing a revitalised and more popular leadership than they had in some time. Nevertheless many questions still remain. Is this the end of a phase or the beginning of one? What will happen the day after? Is the Palestinian leadership so focused on getting the world to recognise statehood that it failed to consider a domestic plan to support such a declaration on the ground?"



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