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Abbas Bid for Bantustan Exposes Israeli Hypocrisy

"In addition to leaving Obama and Netanyahu defrocked as hypocrites, the bid has unmasked a number of people and institutions. Seeing Tony Blair and Hilary Clinton squirming and ducking for cover from the heat unleashed by Abbas’ “jihad” is quite enjoyable. The Quartet, made up of an old boy’s club from Russia, America, the UN and the European Union, is now clearly understood to be firmly in the Israeli camp."

Will Zuma’s foreign policy on Palestine take a leap forward?

"Fourteen years later, with Zuma having consolidated his leadership, it is an opportune time for him to chart a decisive foreign policy designed to urgently end repressive Israeli conduct and restore justice for Palestinians."

Abu Mazen and his Bantustan: Will Fatah challenge Israel’s ghetto policies?

"Unless the PA makes fundamental changes to its futile policies, Israel will retain it as a partner, yes a partner, to keep Palestine fragmented and abandon the dream of Palestinian statehood over the entire territory including what is known as Israel."

Bantustan…..? Yes…..But Defanged!

"What happens next is an all-important question facing Obama: will he permit Israel to continue marching in an opposite direction when the end of an era of colonialism demands that it conforms to policies of decolonisation?"

Death of Annapolis Defines Bush Failure

"As the world awaits the final exit of Bush, it must be reminded that the Annapolis Conference convened exactly a year ago, is also doomed to fail. Ostensibly designed to bring many countries under the American umbrella to support the “peace process” – a euphemism for retaining Israeli settler status – Annapolis was no less than deception."



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