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America’s Bankruptcy — not just limited to its failing economy

"...the American people should feel good about the debate on economy that has been taking place in the Capitol Hill. After all, these elected reps own the problem and they must fix it now. As pundits would tell you, if it had not been for their policies, we could have possibly avoided those wars (and the ensuing economic crisis), stopped outsourcing of jobs to China and India, and put higher priorities on developing human capital that would benefit the U.S. economy and guarantee its prosperity on a long-term."

The Junk Bond "Teflon Guy" behind Egypt’s Nonviolent Revolution

"...for those who believe that Israel is genuinely worried about the prospect of “democratic change” south of the border, Ackerman’s participation in a roundtable discussion entitled “The Challenge of Radical Islam” at the 2008 Herzliya Conference with Uzi Landau—Ariel Sharon’s Minister of Internal Security and current member of the Knesset for Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu—should give them pause for thought."

Asian and Euro-American Economic Crisis: Racial Bubbles Popped

"...it is wrong-headed to think that either Asian or Western values are inferior or superior to one another.  It is equally wrong to surmise that racial inferiority or superiority is the main cause of any economic crisis."

Afghan impostor fools US generals

"If the US wants Pakistan’s help, then it has to help solve the long-festering problem of Kashmir. It cannot demand Pakistan’s help against the Taliban while backing Indian militarism. The road out of America’s Afghan dilemma may well have to wind its way through the curfewed streets of Srinagar in Kashmir."

Bush and Cheney’s Neo-Con cabal must own up America’s onrushing oblivion

"President Obama is sailing against the tide by trying to reform the financial and fiscal system as well as resorting to populist measures....if the Tea Party and the Republicans take over from him, they are sure to hasten the doomsday that they are inadvertently or deliberately planning for their country. It will be a very bleak prospect for the rest of the world to see such a promising nation, so foolishly destroyed by a cabal of rogue elements that can perpetuate their stranglehold on power through media brainwashing of its own people."