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A Global Revolution

"We should thank the demonstrators in Tunisia, Egypt and of the Occupy Wall Street Movement for calling our attention to the fact that another world is not only possible but necessary. And then we should join them in bringing it about. Quickly."

The importance of being anti-Israeli

"Faced with the possibility of political bankruptcy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has begun a tour of Europe, trying to marshal up support for Israel and making sure the Palestinian bid will fail at the UN. Fear is certainly the word that best suits how the Israelis feel at the moment."

The US is making a mistake

"The emerging reality of the current UN crisis is a reminder that the United States alone holds the keys to serious international involvement in a Middle East peace process. But it is also a statement of failure--based on lack of understanding and political weakness--on the part of the Obama administration. Instead of leveraging the Palestinian UN initiative into a "win-win" decision that balances Palestinian statehood with achievements and safeguards for Israel and advances peace and stability, we will return from the UN to a situation of no-peace, no stability and no productive negotiations."

The Art of Taxation is not to Tax

"If the rich accept that ample financial security is achieved well before they have a million in their account, and if they could be motivated to work harder for society with their excess wealth, that would remove this futile nagging debate over the level of taxation."

Is it the End of the American Century?

"The US debt may be short term in the scale of things. It has plenty of spare capacity having one of the lowest levels of taxation. A country with vast natural resources and continues to lead the world in innovation and technology. Many multinationals have grown from the entrepreneurship of individuals with foresight and very little capital. The US can balance the books and maintain its leadership....The American century may be receding, but it has certainly not vanished from the radar."