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Kashmir: Nehru to Modi – What’s Changed?

Generations of Kashmir's population have waited in vain for an end to India's brutal military occupation and to celebrate their independence - finally as...

US aids ISIS in Afghanistan: ISIS is a convenient foil for...

That the takfiri terrorists (also known as: the Islamic State (IS), the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or Da'ish) have been operating...

Hands behind Shia massacre in Pakistan

"These killings have provoked the ire of Sunni Muslims all across the country who believe atrocities of this nature gravely shake the very pillars of Pakistan, disrupt national unity, strengthen the enemies and drag the country into abysmal extremism beyond salvation."

After 56 years of freedom for "the Northern Areas"

"Pakistan and its lobbyists find themselves in quite an awkward position when Indian and other international media persons raise the question that why Islamabad is so desperate to get right of self-determination for the Kashmiris living under Indian control but is least bothered to grant basic rights to the people of NA."



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