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A Weakly Inflated Trial Balloon

This week a well-known Israeli journalist revealed what he said were "new details about the Trump administration's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan." His report, he said,...

Strange state of the Palestinian conflict

"Political forecasters will tell everyone that one has to wait until after the US elections for any progress regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But if one remembers the timings of previous popular explosions, one would realise that when things seem darkest the unexpected happens."

Occupy Wall Street must liberate America

Admittedly, “Liberate Wall Street” doesn’t have the right ring and sounds incongruously sympathetic to those responsible for the banking fiasco, yet it would be to call attention to the real occupation, because the acceleration of zionist control of the U.S. that came with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 neatly coincides with the beginnings of the banking crisis.

Deport the Palestinians to where they came from – Israel

"In the coming days we’ll see the metal Obama is made of. The President might do absolutely nothing which the Israelis will take as a green light. He might even have the State Department issue a carefully worded statement of disapproval - which the Israelis will also mistake for a nod of approval. Or he could take a stand - as a man who has tasted the rotten fruit of racism - and do the right thing. And the right thing to do is to raise hell if a single Palestinian is deported - unless they’re deported to where they came from - Israel."

America’s Media? – A Colonial Force for Israel’s Infallibility

"That's why a shot in the arm of billions is going to Israel and Goldman Sachs while America’s children are left without the Swine Flu shot."