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The failures of democracy in the West offer hope for Islamic...

"For many, the state of American politics has long been convincing evidence for the case against democracy. The problem is that this evidence is hardly new and yet little seems to have changed, in either the US or the rest of the world."

Amid The Architecture of Declining Capitalism: Memes, Death Genes and Real...

"In a declining culture, the vitality available within daily experience withers and falls away, and is soon supplanted by the dismal scions of the death genes. As reflected by the architecture (e.g., bland, prefab retail strips; shoddily built subdivision housing; sterile office parks) of late capitalism, beauty and common communion holds no dominion. As a consequence, fecund dreams dry to dust and rise from the arid land as blinding squalls of displaced fear and anger."

Occupy Wall Street offers Obama his Tea Party on a silver...

"As for Occupy Wall Street, fists remain raised but the glare of the paparazzi cameras are sapping their strength to intimidate the political elite who raided their futures. “If you don’t have demands, you don’t have an identity,” noted Wesley Tarpley, “and if you don’t have an identity, Obama will come in and give you one.” As the Democrats gear up for the season of false promises in autumnal election time, the question remains - how then, does one disarm a revolution in the making? The answer lies in the lullaby for the middle class throughout the US’s years of prosperity - bread and circus."

Syria spoils the Iranian victory

"If the Arab spring was interpreted as a mere social struggle for political reform and democracy, then it would offer no ideological gain for Iran's Islamic leaders against their enemy. The ideological dimension of the struggle against the West is so crucial for the Islamic leaders that they have even interpreted current protests against economic hardship in several western countries, including the Wall Street occupation movements, as a clear sign of the collapse of western civilization."

Fobbit Humor

"Endless projects were developed for Iraqis at incredible expense, without involving or even meaningfully consulting Iraqis. Farmers who sold milk locally just fine were expected to send it to new processing plants. Same deal with chickens. None of these schemes panned out -- except of course for the profiteers.."



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