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Reflections on Verdict on Babri Masjid Dispute in India

"In the last two hundred years, the world has come to realize that the domination of the weak by the strong is the root of all wars. The development of multi-ethnic, multi religious democracies is an antidote to an endemic cycle of wars. They have not quite succeeded yet, but they are poised to break that endemic cycle in favor of equality and guaranteed rights to all the inhabitants of a country under a secular constitution."

Will BJP’s new leader prove to be any different than his...

"...has anything changed? Will the BJP revert to its ideological roots or will it seek to reach out to other communities? What will happen to the pro-American policies that BJP was following?"

Embracing Sharon and Advani will not save Pakistan

"Clearly Islam and patriotism have failed to arouse Musharraf’s passion for protecting the honor of Pakistan. Then on what basis has Musharraf pledged his allegiance to Pakistan."

Gujarat Riots: Was that Really an Accident?

"I personally believe that the leaders who lead the minds of common people are actually behind the seen of immense hatred between Indo/Pak."

No religion has a monopoly on violence and misuse

"The lesson for all in these troubled times: do not blame a religion, any religion, as the root cause for so much violence in today's world. Blame instead fanatical politicians, marginal power-seekers, and militant terrorists, who distort and exploit legitimate religious beliefs in order to expedite self-serving secular agendas. It is never the message at fault, but rather, its misappropriation and misuse."



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