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The Significance of ‘Isra and Miraj in Islam

'Isra and Miraj were the most miraculous and dignified journeys of the Prophet (Sal-lal-lahu alayhi wa sal-lam), which took place in the Shab-e-Miraj (or...

Palestinian Solidarity: Is South Africa in the Driver’s Seat?

Recent events in South Africa have had a profoundly positive impact on Palestine. It may not be music for this country's pro-Israel lobby but certainly...

Saudi engineered chaos and conflict

An unprecedented wave of arrests have rocked the House of Saud since the ascension of American and Israeli-backed Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin...

The Somali Famine, Despair and Resilience

"...nothing inspired me more than seeing school children walking back from their schools chattering their way back to their homes, and university student proudly walking in groups conversing and trading ideas. This scene has validated to me the notion that Somalia is still a living nation that can dust itself out of the ruins."

Why more pathetic attempts to revive a dead process?

"Netanyahu appears to have concluded that Israel's growing international isolation, which could worsen after September, is both inevitable and tolerable as long as he nourishes his coalition with settlement activity and maintains a strong support base in the US Congress, key Israeli and American constituencies and a few important European countries. He cites the chaos in the surrounding Arab world as justification for taking no initiative for peace. By concentrating on the demand that Israel be recognized by the PLO as a Jewish state, which he knows to be a non-starter, he believes he can weather whatever storms are brewing at the UN, in the West Bank and in the surrounding Arab world."



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