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Panetta: Military spending is going up

"The talk of cuts serves more than a political purpose for Panetta and Obama.  It also serves to justify actual cuts to services for troops and veterans even while increasing spending on weapons and occupying new nations.  Also announced on Thursday, Obama is working on re-occupying the Philippines.  To his credit, there has been no mention of the benefits to "our little brown brothers."  There will be an increased Asian presence, Panetta said.  The Marines will maintain their Pacific presence, he noted in particular, horribly smashing the hopes of the entire population of Okinawa.  There will be no cuts to bombers.  We will have a "posture forward" and be able to "penetrate defenses" strengthening "the ability to project power in denied areas," also known as other people's countries.  But healthcare fees and deductibles for troops and veterans will have to go up, Panetta said."

The State of Obama’s 2008 Promises

"Obama has formalized, codified, and normalized, the presidential power to imprison, rendition, torture, murder, bomb, and invade at will.  Obama Version .12 will compete with the "racist candidate" for those powers.  I put "racist" in quotes, not because the Republicans aren't racists (although even Romney's racism could be phony), but because were it not for racism our nation would not be doing the things it is currently doing to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, etc., etc.  Obama is about to promise us more government activism.  I can think of several countries that could do with a bit less of his style of government activism.  And one of them is ours.  Campaign promises don't touch every detail, but when Obama's Department of Agriculture recently approved Monsanto GE corn with Agent-Orange herbicide after receiving 45,000 negative comments and 23 positive, was that the change you could believe it?  Obama is working night and day to protect mega-banks from responsibility for mortgage fraud.  He will speak in his State of the Union about equality before the law."

The Arab League must bring down the Assad regime

"The Syrian people will need more than empty sound bytes and sanctions to topple their ruthless regime. They need moral and material support to bring about the desired change, much like what has happened with Libya....When the Arab League foreign ministers meet again on Wednesday, they should eject Syria and urge the United Nations Security Council to condemn Bashar Assad and impose international sanctions against the regime. They must come to the aid of ordinary Syrian people and the Syrian opposition the same way that they came to the aid of the Libyan people. Anything short of this would be viewed as treason by the Arab people -- much like what their protesters chanted in last Saturday’s meeting "Arab leaders are garbage". If these leaders desire respect, they must earn it by not only coming to the aid of the Syrian people but must also do what is right for their own people."

Pakistan, a failed state, has suddenly acquired all the cards in...

"America’s pitch for democracy appears hollow when it routinely maneuvers its stooges in the ruling position and tries to run the victimized country as a department of its State Department. It has put Karzai in the hot seat and had invested a lot to give Afghanistan a semblance of a ‘modern’ state. It however has not been successful in destroying the spirit of freedom and independence from Afghanistan’s real power that will inevitably repeat the same civil war scenario that Afghanistan witnessed earlier on American pull-out. It is wishful of US planner to think otherwise. The historical forces work in Afghanistan like a force of gravity."

Can Libya Reap the Fruits of the Arab Spring?

"With political stability in oil-rich Libya, economic progress would follow, and wealth would trickle down to the neighbours; Libya, with a small population, needs the labour force from its neighbours to boost the economy. The economic injection might transform North Africa, which in turn could revive the African continent as a whole: finally delivering the fruits of the Arab Spring. A revived Arab world may also help to provide some economic stimulus to Europe, whose economy has been slowing down and heading towards another recession."



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