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Netanyahu’s ceasefire is meant to keep Gaza imprisoned

Palestinians in Gaza should have been able to breathe a sigh of relief last week, as precarious ceasefire talks survived a two-day-long, heavy exchange...

Thank You, Ireland

On Wednesday morning, I watched an amazing debate unfolding in the Irish Seanad (Senate), as members spoke for and against a bill to prohibit...

Go in Peace!

I HAVE a confession to make: I don't hate Binyamin Netanyahu. I don't hate Sara'le either. I generally don't hate people. With the sole exception...

A New Start

ONE DAY the Israeli Labor Party felt that it needed a new leader. That happens to this party every couple of years. The party is...

Das System

"The subtext of the agreement is that the two parties will soon become one, that Lieberman will succeed Netanyahu as the leader of the entire right-wing, and that we may see him in a few weeks time as the almighty Minister of Defense, with his finger on the conventional and nuclear triggers, and, even more frightening, as the sole governor of the Palestinian occupied territories."



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