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A Global Caliphate: Reality or Fantasy?

"...HT believes that a Caliph can impose unity through force, yet they say the Caliphate is a contract between those who give their bay’a and the ruler. Which means his jurisdiction should be confined to that nation as only they have given him the permission to rule over them. Therefore, if a Caliph is appointed in China, why should he have the right to invade Africa, where he may not even be known by his name? Also, if the Companions and scholars tolerated the fragmentation of the Caliphate over the years, then by greater reasoning, distant nations where the Caliphate never entered can exist as independent states."

Might is not always right

"If an American soldier drops a bomb on a wedding party in a village in Afghanistan, fires a missile into the Chinese embassy or a passenger train in Serbia or shoots to death a family at a checkpoint in Iraq, it is considered – by the Pentagon and the White House – as regrettable, as collateral damage. Only worthy of a perfunctory investigation certain to exonerate the party responsible."

The USS Liberty Saga as told by a Survivor’s Son

James Scott’s book, “Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on the U.S. Spy Ship,” makes for a compelling read. The onslaught, on June 8, 1967, in international waters, during the Six-Day War, off the coast of Sinai, killed 34 crew members and injured 171 others. Israel claimed that it was all “just an accident...a case of mistaken identity.” Scott makes a very strong case that the assault on the “Liberty” was deliberate.

Exercise in Escapism

"In time, the people will assemble in the same square and demand the end of the occupation and peace with the Palestinians, the Syrians and the Lebanese."

Bush administration dropped ball on Sept. 11th terrorism

"...when the same kind of evidence suggests Bin Laden was planning a sequel to the first failed attempt to destroy the Twin Towers, Rice and Bush want us to believe that Bin Laden's threats were meaningless and only important in the light of 20-20 hindsight."



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