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A Song is Born

A FRIEND from overseas sent me the recording of a song. An Arab song, with a soft Arab melody, sung by an Arab girls'...

A Tale of Two Stories

THIS IS the story: at 7 o'clock in the morning, an Arab approaches the gate of Har Adar, a settlement close to the Green...

Hillary Clinton embarks on Neo-colonial Tour of Africa

"Clinton may have arrived in Dakar, Senegal without a pith helmet, swagger stick and palanquin, but she nonetheless came as a modern-day avatar of Cecil Rhodes bent on reestablishing Western dominance in Africa. This time with a decided military dimension."

Does the demise of Steve Jobs spell the end of the...

"Steve Jobs did no more than use computer chips, 3G and WIFI technologies to produce the Apple suite of products such as the iMac, iPhone, iPod and the iPad. The same can be said for other scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry and others. It can be argued that in the past 100 years or the discoveries in science and technology are not revolutionary at all; they are merely evolutionary a sort of natural progression."

Will a Palestinian Autumn follow an Arab Spring?

"Even those Palestinians most supportive of American-led negotiations with the Israelis cannot bring themselves to negotiate anymore while Israel builds settlements. They realize the only Israeli motive behind a peace process that is ‘all process and no peace’ is to deflect international criticism from their treatment of an occupied people and to postpone addressing the legitimate Palestinian right to self-determination....The next step in this alternative strategy will feature an attempt to gain recognition of a Palestinian state from the September UN General Assembly through a “Uniting for Peace” resolution. This US-veto-proof tactic is likely to win majority support in the General Assembly since most nations already recognize the state of Palestine."



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