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Autism, Anger and Aspartame: Casual Connections or a Smoking Gun?

"Independent research scientists (and scientists at one pharmaceutical giant), medical doctors, and various academies have spoken; now it is up to the people to nudge the regulatory agencies into action to protect those who are unable to look out for themselves, especially children and a fetus in the womb."

Swine Flu in the Middle East, pro-vaccine propagandists…and the evils of...

"An atmosphere of extreme fear has been created and, unfortunately, media channels have been feeding us with news carefully designed to run counter to the truth. Media reports are twisted and not backed up by scientific evidence."

Autism — Worst Welfare Disaster In History

"There is no escaping the fact that the epidemic is having a profound impact on society; not only on autistic children and their families, but on our public health care programs and school systems as well. And, until vaccine-makers are held accountable, taxpayers will continue to carry the full burden."

Schools Failing Children With Disabilities

"According to County Commissioner," Mr Dixon said, "this whole matter could have been settled (and the family compensated for out of pocket expenses) to the tune of $150,000 (a mere 6.5% of what has been spent to date)."

Autism’s Dick Tracy

"Thanks to autism's Dick Tracy, the government now has thousands of unvaccinated people to compare to people who were vaccinated."



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Sana's Boys - Yemen

Yemeni Children Matter

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