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My Biohazard Valentine: Love, Work, and Dissent in a time of...

"There are, of course, obstacles (because no story worth telling unfolds without antagonists and obstructions). Thus, at present, in an era in which one's humanity is deemed only worth its value by the amount in dollars that one generates for the one percent, as, all the while, one's sense of self is continually inundated and buffeted by the come-ons and emotional coercions of the commercial hologram--one holds unto the debris of one's essential nature, as one is pulled along by powerful currents of a cultural death-drive."

The Many titles of a man

"Abbas may have many titles now, but he is likely to end his political career where he started it, alongside the current Palestinian revolution leadership, with one title, that of chairman of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, a sign that the work of liberating Palestine is far from over."

A Journey To The End Of Empire: It is always darkest...

"In nineteenth century Britain, the sugar that sweetened the tea of oh-so civilized, afternoon teatime was harvested by brutalized, Caribbean slaves, who rarely lived past the age of thirty, as, for example, in our time, in our blood-wrought moments of normalcy, we trudge about in sweatshop sewn clothing, brandishing i-Phones manufactured by factory enslaved teenage girls who are forced to work 14 hour plus shifts."

Carnage in Baghdad: New fear, new game

"If the US government manages to convince the international community into believing that their presence in Iraq was to the best interests of the country and its people, it might have another chance to engage in a new phase of occupation and colonization....To Washington, the loss of political leverage in Iraq is tantamount to the loss of future leadership in the Middle East region. Therefore, the US government will play every possible card to have another chance to be back in the country....In fact, Washington is making fresh attempts to portray Nouri Maliki as a new Saddam Hussein, convince the international community that without the presence of US troops, there will be forever a security vacuum in the country, and eventually pave the way for the re-occupation and re-colonization of the country and reap at their leisure the fruit of its colonialist endeavors."

Recovering from Authoritarian Simpatico Syndrome (ASS): "Because the cops don’t need...

"At this critical point, it is imperative we let die our illusions involving the present order. Yet we must do so without becoming so disillusioned that we lack the resolve to remake the world. Often, we cling to fictions involving the benign nature of power because the act spares us angst. To the contrary, we must bear witness to the collisions of our illusions and the realities of the day, because it is from the debris created by these collisions that the world will be built anew."



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