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Macedonian Name Game

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet," Shakespeare wrote, but it doesn't smell...

Bloody Spring

"The European imperialist powers, Britain and France, which broke up the all-inclusive Ottoman Empire after World War I, had scant respect for the diversity of their new acquisitions. However, they both adopted the principle of “divide et impera”. The French excelled in it."

"The degree to which you resist is the degree to which...

"The first vibrations, closer to tremors, transpired because the ground below us has been fracked of dreams...the void engendered seismological activity. Now, from Cairo, Egypt's Tahrir Square to Syntagma Square in Athens, Greece to Liberty Park, in New York, New York to Oscar Grant Park, in Oakland, California, we have become like tuning forks, in sympatico with the resonances of the tormented earth....Subsequently, the walls of the neoliberal prison are cracking...We are no longer isolated, enclosed in our alienation, imprisoned by a concretized sense of powerlessness; daylight is beginning to pierce the darkness of our desolate cells."

Transforming Easy Cynicism (And other forms of Conformity) into Deep Resistance

"...are you prepared to surrender to the everyday miracle that transpires when one, fleetingly, finds the resolve to open one's being to the uncertainties of freedom--when one chooses to break the hold of those fear-bestowing, resentment-besotted demons of banality known as Easy Cynicism, Displaced Resentment, and Habitual Passivity--those disingenuous, corporate/consumer state bards of the Bardo--whose (extant and internalized) narratives have sustained late capitalism."

A Greek Tragedy: Seizing the Gaza Flotilla on Israel’s orders

"The time for Israel to reform itself and join the community of nations and cease to be a military brute and leave all Arab occupied territories is now, or forever accept the historical fate of all empires, including the empire once known as Greece....Time, Truth and justice are on the side of the Palestinians and in due time a Palestinian flag will fly over East Jerusalem. The lives of the corrupt western politicians are limited but the Palestinian struggle will never die."



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