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Oxford and Cambridge "Universities" you say?

"Both Oxford and Cambridge are large towns (or small cities by Canadian standards) of about 100,000 whose populations include some 25,000 students; each summer the regular students are replaced by tourists and foreign-language students."

Demagoguery Posing as Scholarship

"In addition to most expert opinion, based on bin Laden’s original writings, and Pape’s empirical research, repeated public opinion polls in the Arab/Islamic world discredit D’Souza’s unsubstantiated musings. Those polls indicate that people in Islamic countries like U.S. technology, political and economic freedom, and even culture (which polls high even in Iran). The numbers start going south only when U.S. foreign policy toward the Islamic world is mentioned. As D’Souza even admits, the opinions of the Islamic mainstream are important because it has been the traditional recruiting pool for Muslim extremists."

Hoping for the best from the new year

"In the first phase of the End Times, moral degeneration will become all-pervasive due to the influence of some philosophical systems which incite atheism and irreligion by seeking to deny the existence of Almighty Allah. Humanity will forget the reason for its existence and thus enter the downward spiral of spiritual purposelessness and moral degeneration."

Secular Holy Wars

"Secularists can express politically correct bigotry toward religion, but their own doctrine is as superstition based as the subjects of their scorn."

The Land of Canaan should be a place of Peace and...

"The example of the history shows us that in these lands it is possible to re-establish a system open to respect and affection in which every group can live in safety and in freedom such as the one which operated through the vision of the Ottomans."



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