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Occupy the Winter of Our Discontent

"The best way to improve the elections is to improve the society. The best way to destroy the society is to focus too heavily on elections. The rational choice between two bums who are both worse than the two who were offered up in the previous election cannot possibly be rational."

We are The Core of The Problem

"Food, clothing, shelter and the niceties of life do not exist for the exclusive consumption of special individuals but for the continuation of the human race. The longer we allow minority control of our environments both social and natural, the closer we will come to failure as a human race. The present crisis will continue and get worse until we react as global citizens and demand, and achieve, global democracy. If that seems beyond us, we can at least begin the easy part and create a truly democratic transformation here at the center of the global problem."

"We Would Rather Die In Our Dread:" Moving beyond the debt...

"Some people are fragile, and the system breaks them for life. In contrast, others are resilient, but will grow callous and conformist. Yes, life is a fistfight and a marriage and a dull evening of laundry and a trundle through trivia and a flight of the sublime. The point: Be alive within life…don't submit to any ass-backwards, assembly line-modeled mode of being, gridded by comforting casuistry, maintained by hierarchies of bullies, and settled for due to fear or convenience."

NATO’s Afrika Korps escalates War of Attrition against Libya

"For the West, the cost of defiance, even of not outright capitulating or merely maintaining a semblance of independence, is death, destruction and the fatal wounding of the nation itself. Examples abound - the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq - with surely more to follow."

Libya: List of Journalists killed, missing or released

The Libyan Authority for External Communications, a government body responsible for regulating the work of international media, said that Libya is not responsible for the safety of foreign journalists who enter the country without following procedures that include government permission and supervision. "[Libya] does not bear any legal or ethical responsibility for any harm that might befall media. Libya's deputy foreign minister, Khalid Kaim, said journalists who enter the country "illegally" would be treated as "outlaws" and "al-Qaeda collaborators."  (CPJ)



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