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We Palestinians have so much to learn

"Gaza should be a reminder to them all that nothing amounts to anything as long as the Israeli occupation is in place. We cannot let Israel sit back and mock us while we bicker away and build castles in the air with our own illusions of grandeur. Matar Abu Ata’s mother, his father and that precious little boy who will no doubt grow up in his brother’s shadow are not interested in who sits on the higher horse or how many times both sides try to knock the other one down. All Matar’s mother is thinking and praying for now is that Mater Jr. will never ever meet the fate of his big brother."

The Conscience of a Voter

"There still is an amazingly large number of US citizens who do not believe that US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright admitted during a CBS Sixty Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl, on May 12,1996, that 500,000 Iraqi children died as a result of US policy. Albright then went on to add that ''...we think the deaths of 500,000 children was worth it...". Any voter who is still in denial, and does not believe that Albright was expressing official US policy, should not vote. Voting for the wrong candidate can be dangerous to children and other civilians around the world. The US has devised all sorts of ways to kill those in other countries. Drones, bombs, and bullets are not the only weapons. Starvation, contaminated water supplies, and destruction of the infrastructure also kill."

Also broken in Ramallah

"The Arab Spring might have taken some time to reach Palestine, but as one Arab leader said, spring is a season that comes back every year....For a long time Palestinians were willing to put aside differences because of the need to unite against the Israeli occupier, which does not differentiate between Palestinians. However, more and more Palestinians are becoming convinced that their acquiescence to and support for the current Palestinian leadership should not be taken for granted....The bones that were broken in Ramallah this week will take long to heal. The political hurt is likely to be felt much after the physical injury heals. The faster this issue is taken seriously the better for all."

US silent war, loud weapons on Iran

"The US silent war with Iran is no longer silent. It is gradually becoming loud and deafening. In fact, Washington's literature of threat shuts the window to any meaningful dialogue with Iran. Besides, the top echelons in Washington have made up their mind: they are hell bent on doing their worst and bringing about a doomsday in the region and Iran will be sure to conjure up a Golgotha before their eyes."

Assassinating Egyptian Dreams

"...the public airwaves, owned and operated by the SCAF, were deployed in a calculated campaign to erode the revolutionary spirit. The talk shows and news programs delivered a not so subtle message that the only fruit of the revolution was economic stagnation and a breakdown in law and order. As part of the effort to undermine the public’s embrace of the uprising, the government media stopped airing the popular video clip music that hailed the sacrifices of the hundreds of young men and women who gave their lives for the revolution."



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