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Progressives: In Swing States, Vote for Obama

"The reelection of Barack Obama, in itself, is not going to bring serious progressive change, end militarism and empire, or restore the Constitution and the rule of law. That’s for us and the rest of the people to bring about after this election and in the rest of our lives -- through organizing, building movements and agitating."

Obama: Assassin Extraordinary!

"Obama's default position on Islam that is evident in his reluctance to de-link from the notorious military control of Egypt despite a popular revolution that toppled his ally Hosni Mubarak!...Likewise his unjudicious role in manipulating UN resolutions to lead US/NATO bombardment of Libya; his arming and backing of dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to retain power by crushing civil rights movements; and his illegal unilateral sanctions on Iran has not endeared him to Muslims desirous of living freely and in dignity."

The Ghetto Within

"From day to day, Israel becomes more Jewish and less Israeli. As has been said, it is easier to get the Jews out of the ghetto than to get the ghetto out of the Jews. Especially in a permanent war....So in the end we come to the same conclusion as in all other matters: Peace is the Answer."

Assassinating Egyptian Dreams

"...the public airwaves, owned and operated by the SCAF, were deployed in a calculated campaign to erode the revolutionary spirit. The talk shows and news programs delivered a not so subtle message that the only fruit of the revolution was economic stagnation and a breakdown in law and order. As part of the effort to undermine the public’s embrace of the uprising, the government media stopped airing the popular video clip music that hailed the sacrifices of the hundreds of young men and women who gave their lives for the revolution."

"YOU are Fed Up?"

"Ever since Sir Henry Wotton said, some four centuries ago, that “an ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country,” it is generally assumed that diplomats and politicians may be lying, and not only abroad. Some do so only when necessary, some do it often, some, like Netanyahu, do it as a rule....In spite of the general assumption of mendacity, it is not good for a leader to be branded as a habitual liar. When leaders meet personally, in private and face to face, they are supposed to tell each other the truth, even if not necessarily the whole truth. Some personal trust is of great advantage. If a leader loses it, he loses a precious asset."



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