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Democracy – A game of power politics

"This situation negates the claim that democracy is the rule of majority. It is never so. Has the time not come for us to ponder over the situation for a change and devise a complete new system of our own which is in consonance with our norms and its constituents are derived from the teachings of Islam."

Kudos to Qatar

"Qatar has also been active on Palestine, to the anger or pleasure of different groups and at different times. A supporter of Palestinian rights from the beginning, Qatar has tried to keep good terms with all parties, with the Palestinian and even with the Israelis, and of course with the US and other internationally influential players."

Commander: NATO provides Pentagon base for Global Operations

"In Stavridis' view and in fact NATO is a mechanism employed by the U.S. to conduct military operations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, to wage war in South Asia - for over ten years and with troops from over 50 nations - and to recruit legionaries from Central and South America, Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere for wars in Europe, Asia and Africa."

Breivik and the Death of Multiculturalism

"What the Norwegian incident illustrates is that the preoccupation of mainstream society to stigmatize Muslims has provided ample opportunity for other marginalized groups to implant their ideas and attract new recruits to their detestable ideologies. One must wonder, how many other home grown right-wing extremists lurk in European cities waiting to pounce against their governments and fellow citizens, whilst politicians struggle to replace multiculturalism with other fad ideas like assimilation, and integrations that will no doubt lead to the same result."

Will a zionist fifth column commandeer Canada’s left-wing party?

"The most disquieting aspect of this exchange, though, was not the lame answers I got, but the fact that this person is intelligent and has had at least a basic education in the Middle East. He is not your typical hasbarat from whom one would expect anodyne clichés and cognitive denials."