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What’s next to stop the genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar?

According to aid workers inside Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, as of last Friday, more than half a million Rohingyas have poured into the country from...

Obama needs to choose between Hillary and Egypt

"It’s time for Obama to get a grip. He can’t be for Hillary and the Egyptian people. The president needs to make a choice. Egyptians are intent on taking control of their own destiny and Hillary appears to be out of control. Obama says one thing - Hillary says another. It’s not that Egyptians are going to wait for Americans to make up their minds. They know that Mubarak was a useful American ‘asset.’ They know that the United States is trying to come up with a ‘Plan B’ to accommodate their unscheduled uprising. And from where they stand in Tahrir Square, Hillary’s new policy is to ease out the old dictator and keep the dictatorship in place. That’s not going to happen. Egyptians have finally inhaled the sweet scent of liberty and they have paid for it in blood. I don’t think that message has gotten through to Hillary. Egyptians don’t just want to be free of their dictators - they want zero American meddling in their affairs. Americans have a history in this region and it’s not something they should boast about and it’s not something they should want to repeat."

The Somali Political Cliffhanger

"Ever since they came to power, the ICU has been under the microscope, both internally and externally. Some analysts are convinced that there are criminal elements within the courts. But that is hardly shocking since characters of all shades and persuasions have joined the courts in recent months."

Nature article asserts "radical environmentalists turned against science"

"Unfortunately, young protesters who damage property in the name of trying to do good are battling forces that their strategies are no more capable at resolving than their counterparts in the traditional environmental or conservation movements, in my opinion."

Blair’s Butler and the OSP

"Killing Arabs and ripping them off, with the assistance of the Likudniks and the Shaky Sheiks of Araby, is an old British ritual."



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