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Jerusalem: For No One and For Everyone

"What Israel does not yet realize is that people who love Jerusalem will not go down without a fight. It is not only about politics and declaring east Jerusalem and the capital of a future Palestinian state; even that is lacking in honoring the universal significance of the city. This should be a city for all to adore, to worship in and to interpret in their own way."

How to build Islamic Attitude, Knowledge and Skills?

"Unfortunately, the same Islam that was responsible for founding the groundwork for Islamic Civilization, which was to initiate the European Renaissance, is now looked upon as a regressive force in today’s world....The Muslim world is now a backward nation that is behind every other nation in every human index. It has, sadly, become a society that is at ease with crimes and corruption. Most of its governments are corrupt. Worse yet, they are often repressive governments, which are at war with their own people. They have created a society of sycophants or clients, and not of meritocracy where competency rules. The end result is a Muslim world of zeros!"

Ethnic Politics in America

"There are lessons to learn from these experiences. First and foremost, when people are respected and empowered they can find common ground. They may not always agree, but through engagement they can learn from one another. As Jesse Jackson used to say, it is this uniquely American experience that ought to be exported. In this context, it is also important for political leaders to understand the valuable resource that exists in the richness of America's diversity. Though self-evident, this lesson is too often not heeded. The groups learn from one another but are too often ignored by policy-makers. With direct familial ties, cultural sensitivity, and deep and personal knowledge about the history and hopes for their ancestral lands, these communities, if tapped by policy-makers, could provide valuable insight and direction. Too often, sadly, they are not."

Al-Qaeda’s Christian Massacre — Aiding and Abetting the Occupation of Palestine

Indeed, if anyone benefited from the church massacre it was Israel. Reminiscent of the Zionist underground’s attacks on Iraqi Jews in the 1950s, this assault on the Christian minority was clearly designed to encourage them to flee the country where they had lived in relative peace and prosperity for two millennia. The removal of a Christian presence from the Muslim-dominated region would eliminate the model of coexistence as a viable alternative to the “clash of civilisations” view of the world. “By focusing attention on a direct and eternal conflict between the West and Islam,” M. Shahid Alam argues in his new book, the clash thesis aims “to acquit Israel of serving as the chief source and conduit of this conflict.”

Check-mating military coup plotters in Turkey

"...events in Turkey show that the Western imposed order is not working in the Muslim world. No matter how hard the Western governments try to promote secularization of Turkish society and strip the people of their Islamic identity, they have failed at a strategic level. Turkey is beginning to break free from the foreign imposed order and if Turkey can, so can Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria and all the others."



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