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NATO expands Military Network to all continents

"The steady expansion of NATO military partnerships and operations around the world, which now include all populated continents, has no precedent in history. This is the first attempt to establish an international military alliance that is capable of and prepared to intervene in any nation and region it chooses to for the geopolitical benefit of its leading member states."

Partners Across The Globe: NATO Solidifies Worldwide Military Alliance

"As the war council in Brussels was underway, Italian Defense Minister Giampaolo di Paola (former chairman of the NATO Military Committee) while speaking at a NATO Smart Defense Agenda meeting in Rome advocated the establishment of ties between the military bloc and the BRICS nations (Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa), asserting that "the Alliance must have a global vision and must take responsibility for the problems concerning security on a global level," according to Agenzia Giornalistica Italia."

Nowrouz: an Iranian gift for global peace

"....Nowrouz is actually a strong and unbreakable chain that connects several countries with diverse cultures, languages and religions in different parts of the world which all once constituted the civilization of Greater Persia. All the Iranians in four corners of this great land, the Persian-speaking minorities in the U.S., Canada and Europe, the people of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, groups of people in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Armenia, Albania and Iraq celebrate Nowrouz annually and consider it as one of their main national festivals."

When will Pakistan’s spring arrive?

"The goals and rules of the game are in fact age-old. In the first place, the US dollar and profit, followed by military might and its transformation into political soft power, used to buttress the dollar and ensure the flow of profit from the colonial (now neocolonial) periphery to the imperial centre."

In past ten years U.S. has expanded military network throughout the...

"The recently acquired bases, though hardly of the dimensions of those constructed after the Second World War and the Korean War, or for that matter of the almost 1,000-acre Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, are sufficient for the needs of 21st century American warfare, shifting as it has to long-range bombing and helicopter gunship attacks, cruise and drone missile strikes, and special forces operations."



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