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A Weakly Inflated Trial Balloon

This week a well-known Israeli journalist revealed what he said were "new details about the Trump administration's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan." His report, he said,...

Early Warning

As we await President Trump's "deal of the century," there are hints aplenty as to what it may or may not contain. The New...

Arab, Turkish and Iranian Opinions on Regional Conflicts

Most Arabs have little confidence in the Trump Administration's ability to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and many have lost hope that a resolution is...

Arab Peace Initiative: 10 Years Later

"While the newly declared state of Israel complained that no Arabs would recognize them, the Arabs countered that the core of the problem was the West's and the Zionist movement's failure to recognize Palestinian rights. Like other victims of settler colonialism, the Arabs remained steadfast in maintaining the illegitimacy of the new state that had displaced the indigenous people of Palestine. And so the conflict continued and only intensified, in 1967, when Israel occupied the whole of Palestine."

What is the Root of the Conflict?

"The speech showed disregard for international law, existing agreements and the direction of a new beginning that has been adopted by U.S. President Barack Obama. Netanyahu has clearly stated that his government will continue on the path of dictates rather than negotiations, control rather than partnerships and wars rather than peace."