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Flashback: 1988, a Watershed Year in Arab Americans’ Struggle to Advocate...

Last week, after reading my column, "The Struggle to Advocate for Palestinians Has Never Been Easy," a reader did a bit of research, found,...

Vote The Greater Good, Not The Lesser Evil

"This election can be a turning point but only if we reject the lesser evil choice and vote for what we want, need and deserve: A future of real hope based on a political voice that will ultimately represent far more of the 99% along with those in the lower 1% who reject their masters and join with their fellow citizens."

To discriminate or not to discriminate is the Arab American question

"By supporting a regime that kills freedom advocates and tortures prisoners of conscience, while sheltering those implicated in corruption and abuse, ADC indeed promotes discrimination in its worst forms and stand in conspicuous contradiction of its declared mission...An anti-discrimination organization cannot discriminate as to when and where human rights matter. In the times of global media and communication, violations of Arab human rights overseas will come to haunt Arab Americans here at home. Martin Luther Kings, Jr. got it right: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The other side of the coin

"...what is urgently needed is a well-financed Arab-American advocacy group to energize new thinking in the United States."

The moral failure of American liberals :: A defence of Helen...

"While she has many long-standing Jewish friends in Washington -- making the anti-Semite charge implausible -- she has also seen them and others promote injustice in the Middle East. Doubtless she, like many of us, has been exasperated at the toothless performance of the press corps she belongs to in holding the White House to account in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon and Israel-Palestine."



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