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Horrifying Parallels

"What is so eerily similar between the US and Israel is that both have secured a position in the world community as "protectors of democracy", of freedom and equality. In attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States claims to have freed their people from tyranny and to have planted the seeds of democracy and freedom. No matter that Iraq is in shambles, tens of thousands of people have been killed in the process, that Iraqi society is now embroiled in bitter civil strife that has claimed scores of lives or that the US forces there are an occupying power, there only to rule, oppress and suppress the people."

Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

"While there, I met people from all walks of life, of all ages, strangers to each other all united in a common goal. From the young teenager who traveled all the way from America, to the grandmother from Ireland who went on a hunger strike while we were there, the stories are endless....At the same time, Israel committed acts of piracy against their boats breaking the siege and hijacked and kidnapped the passengers in the last voyage and imprisoned them."

Gaza – One Year after the Massacre

"One cannot help but be bewildered at the irony of the situation. Hundreds of foreigners, traveling from as far as Malaysia and the USA are bearing hardship, trying to show their solidarity and humanitarian feelings for the suffering people of Gaza, Palestine, while the so-called Arab brethren of the Egyptian regime continue to participate in the siege, prevent the convoy from entrance, and now have begun building an iron wall underground to prevent any supplies from reaching via tunnels to the impoverished population trapped within the world’s largest open-air prison."

Jordan — The river and the country

"The country presents a variety of scenery and geology, from black basaltic mountains to beautiful green valleys, from brightly hued sandstone highlands to arid flat deserts. The country is divided on a north-south axis by the old Turkish railway line, with the west mostly mountainous but fertile (in fact, it is part of the ancient Fertile Crescent) and the east a flat plateau of mainly desert."

Joha’s Nail

"...Sharon did not want a dialogue with the Palestinians that could have become, God forbid, the precedent for a dialogue about the future of the West Bank."



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