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Pakistan’s marriage with America is unsustainable

"Many Pakistanis are now wondering how all of this is going to help them after looking at what the last 10 years of forced marriage with America has brought, apart from and Washington’s relentless war against Islam!...With America showcasing and supporting Pakistan’s corrupt and incapable civil and military leaders, the Pakistani public is becoming increasingly anti-American."

Hurrah for Egypt!

"It is up to the believers of any religion to pick from their holy texts the passages they want to act upon. Once I saw a Nazi book composed entirely of quotations from the Talmud – hundreds of them. I was certain that they were all false and was shocked to the core when a friendly rabbi assured me that they were all authentic, only taken out of context."

A Global Caliphate: Reality or Fantasy?

"...HT believes that a Caliph can impose unity through force, yet they say the Caliphate is a contract between those who give their bay’a and the ruler. Which means his jurisdiction should be confined to that nation as only they have given him the permission to rule over them. Therefore, if a Caliph is appointed in China, why should he have the right to invade Africa, where he may not even be known by his name? Also, if the Companions and scholars tolerated the fragmentation of the Caliphate over the years, then by greater reasoning, distant nations where the Caliphate never entered can exist as independent states."

GOP, Stirring a Lethal Brew

"Whether coming from anti-mosque mobs in Murfreesboro, proposed anti-Sharia legislation, or hurtful comments by candidates for higher office, this growing tide of intolerance is dangerous. Republicans, who, without adult supervision, are busy courting extremism, are stirring up a potentially lethal brew. Senator Durbin was right to ring the alarm bell. But what is at stake here is much more than a test of our nation's commitment to our Bill of Rights. How all this is resolved could end up defining the very soul and future of America. It will also shape how we will relate not only to our Muslim citizenry but to a significant part of the world."

Egypt: Peering into the revolution’s crystal ball

Egypt and Tunisia are the first nations to successfully overthrow their neoliberal regimes. Ironically, their lack of democracy proved to be an advantage, forcing the impoverished masses to unite against their oppressors. Misguided US commentators ask: “Will Venezuela be the next Egypt?” The answer is: “Will Egypt be the next Venezuela?”



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