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Protecting Americans’ Right to Hear from the Leader of BDS, the...

I awakened early Wednesday to listen to a voicemail message from Omar Barghouti, a leading member of the Palestinian movement to Boycott, Divest, and...

SADC revives its commitment for Western Sahara’s UHURU

The issue of Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara has once again divided the African Union (AU). Morocco decided as a counter, to hold a...

King and Emperor

ZIONISM IS an anti-Semitic creed. It was so right from the beginning. Already the founding father, Theodor Herzl, a Viennese writer, penned some pieces with...

The New Protest

"Israel is heading towards an iceberg, bigger than any of those in the path of the Titanic. It is not hidden. All its parts are clearly visible from afar. Yet we are sailing straight towards it, full steam ahead. If we don’t change course, the State of Israel will destroy itself – turning first into an apartheid-state monster from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, and later, perhaps, into a bi-national Arab-majority state from the Jordan to the Mediterranean."

Rooting-out Corruption is Good, but Parallel Government is Injurious to Democracy

"In a democracy, the government is only as good as the people vote for. If the electorate really wanted honesty and integrity, they could have voted for them as beacons. But they did not, they vote for personal aggrandizement on the basis of cast etc. Impetuous quick solutions often bring unintended consequences. Thoughtful people should take time to bring in change without injuring the constitution and the essence of democracy. The start has been made to check corruption. Anna Hazare should compromise to get a good bill instead of throwing the country in to chaos."



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