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Fears of Population Explosion in Pakistan

Chief Justice (CJ) of our country, Pakistan, honorable Mian Saqib Nisar has raised this question "Is the country capable of supporting seven children per...

Eid-ul-Ad’ha and the Merit of Hajj

"The Biblical narratives, however, differ here with the Qur’anic version suggesting, instead, that it was Isaac (Ishaq) (AS) – the second son of Ibrahim (AS), born through Sarah, who was meant for the sacrifice. Genesis (chapter 22) says: "Then God said, "Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love…" The problem with this verse is that Isaac was not Abraham's only son. Before Isaac was born, there was Ishmael. Is it possible some zealous scribe had replaced the word Ishmael with Isaac into the verse?"

The Essence of Ramadan

Alas, today’s Muslims are a far cry from those who follow the dictates of the Qur’an. They may like to listen to the advice of Ibrahim ibn Adham (r), a great saint of Islam, when he was asked, "Allahu ta'ala declares: 'O My human creatures! Ask Me! I will accept, I will give!’ Nonetheless, we ask but He does not give?"

Torture and Justice, American Style

"Obama or not, the tradition of torture is still alive in American justice, reserved especially for Muslim men, women and children."

My Letter to William Cardinal Keeler

"The RC Bishops in the U.S. are against abortion. Most of the RC laity is against it, too. They get the message from the Bishops on that issue. Yet, these same Bishops, and the Pope, too, are also, on moral grounds, against the war in Iraq. Nevertheless, that idea, strangely, hasn’t gotten down to most of the faithful. William Hughes asks Cardinal William Keeler why."



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