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In Crisis, Romney Reveals Neo-Con Tendencies

"If this week demonstrated anything it is that we live in a dangerous and volatile world that requires a steady hand and thoughtful leadership to get us out of the mess we're in. What we do not need is more of the very same ideological clap-trap that got us into this mess in the first place."

Pakistan’s marriage with America is unsustainable

"Many Pakistanis are now wondering how all of this is going to help them after looking at what the last 10 years of forced marriage with America has brought, apart from and Washington’s relentless war against Islam!...With America showcasing and supporting Pakistan’s corrupt and incapable civil and military leaders, the Pakistani public is becoming increasingly anti-American."

Sustainable Peace: Why Somaliland Matters

"Throughout history, it was men and women of vision coupled with some courage who changed the course of history. The leadership of Somaliland has the opportunity to change the course of history and spearhead a better future for all Somalis."

Islamophobia: Washington’s New Form of Colonialism

"Islamophobia is a form of political colonialism; an ideological war against Islam and the Muslims. It is a pernicious practice used by Washington and its allies to justify their lust for Muslim blood, give validity to their military expeditions in Muslim countries and seize hold of their numerous resources."

Steps the FBI must take to remedy Misinformation Campaign about Arabs...

"...there must be an acknowledgment of the wrong that was done to our communities and to our country's ability to respectfully engage with Arabs and Muslims. This is vital to our future as Americans and to our ability to develop the ties that will be needed to foster trust and understanding."