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On regaining a spirit of defiance: "I’m worried now but I...

"In truth, the one percent would not be capable of building a propaganda apparatus slick enough, nor be able to hire enough cops, nor assemble armies with enough troops, nor build prisons rapidly enough nor large enough to keep us enslaved--if only enough of us awoke to the reality of our common plight....Therefore: "I'm worried now but I won't be worried long."

New Year to mark intensification of West’s War in Afghanistan and...

"In recent weeks reports have disclosed that the U.S. will supplement CIA drone missile strikes and NATO helicopter gunship raids in Pakistan's tribal areas with special forces operations....It is in fact the latest escalation of the Afghan war into Pakistan. One that will increase combat operations, deaths and destruction on both sides of the border in the new year beyond the record levels of the last."

On The Wrong Side

"The real victor of the war is a man who had no part in it at all: Avigdor Liberman. His party, which in any normal country would be called fascist, is steadily rising in the polls. Why? Liberman looks and sounds like an Israeli Mussolini, he is an unbridled Arab-hater, a man of the most brutal force. Compared to him, even Netanyahu looks like a softie. A large part of the young generation, nurtured on years of occupation, killing and destruction, after two atrocious wars, considers him a worthy leader."

Palestinian Propaganda Prize for Israel

"The inter-Palestinian war of words has given the Israeli occupying power a propaganda prize to push into oblivion her own fatal violations of Palestinian press freedom."

Six Points of the Army’s Engagement

"The cumulative pattern that emerges from the army’s handling of these security and political flash-points is the army’s central role in containing a difficult security and political situation."



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