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The Stolen War

"Let’s assume Iran starts to act out its threats. The whole might of the US air force and navy is brought to bear. Iranian ships will be sunk, missile and army installations bombed. Still the Iranian missiles will come in, making passage through the strait impossible....What next? There will be no alternative to “boots on the ground”. The US army will have to land on the shore and occupy all the territory from which missiles can be effectively launched. That would be a major operation....Such a war would go far beyond the dimensions of the American invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan, perhaps even of Vietnam....Is the bankrupt US up to it? Economically, politically and in terms of morale?"

Nuclear-Israel versus a Nuclear-Free Iran

"The issue of intervention in Iran is not new....Oil may have been the primary motive in the past for intervention; today it is maintaining the regional status-quo, where Israel can continue its program of annihilating the Palestinians with impunity. For the sake of justice and stability, these outdated colonialists need a bloody nose, and an attack on Iran might paradoxically produce that, as Iran for sure will retaliate. And that can only be good for peace and prosperity for the majority of the people in the region."

Amid The Architecture of Declining Capitalism: Memes, Death Genes and Real...

"In a declining culture, the vitality available within daily experience withers and falls away, and is soon supplanted by the dismal scions of the death genes. As reflected by the architecture (e.g., bland, prefab retail strips; shoddily built subdivision housing; sterile office parks) of late capitalism, beauty and common communion holds no dominion. As a consequence, fecund dreams dry to dust and rise from the arid land as blinding squalls of displaced fear and anger."

Russia, Egypt and Libya: A kind-of-silver lining

"...as politicians in Moscow (not to mention Paris) watch NATO flounder in Afghanistan and now in Libya, and try out policies which suit their geopolitical needs regardless of their merit, it should be remembered that MEDO fell apart when Egypt had a revolution in 1952. It is not always possible to shape genuine revolutions to suit the needs of the old order and its foreign friends."

How to cure world disappointment with Israel

"Israel can’t have it both ways. Just like when dealing with a spoiled child, tough love is often required at an early stage so as to avoid suffering in the long run. The world community has allowed Israel to get away with occupation and murder for too long. For a while, the Israelis were able to wiggle out of the consequences of their actions by putting the blame on the Palestinians. This time, the Palestinians have closed all loopholes and the party obstructing peace talks is clearly known. The sooner the world community makes this guilty party pay for its actions the sooner we will all benefit."