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Bring Annan Back!

"The reason Annan failed was because while all the major players paid lip-service to his efforts, they pursued policies that only served to fuel the conflict. With Annan gone, we are now collectively staring into the dark void. The choice is clear: either working collectively to unwind the conflict, or continuing the descent into hell and living with the consequences for years to come."

Orwellian Ramifications begin to unfold in Syria

"Turkey is making a tactical mistake by supporting terrorism in Syria and supplying them with weapons, military training and human resources. Turkey will certainly fall into the pitfall it has dug for Syria and the insecurity it envisages for Syria will ultimately recoil against the government itself."

US and its allies setting stage for Syria invasion

"In alliance with the West and Israel, the Saudi-led al-Qaeda elements have already started an all-out proxy war in Syria in the high hopes that the government of Bashar Assad will be meet its doom soon. However, this is a figment of their imagination which they have nursed over years and the fire they have blazed will certainly engulf the entire region including Israel the US love child."

Unholy alliance forming against Syria

"...Syria is now going through a sea of troubles where there are many opportunists who will readily make the best of the crisis in the country....Israel is silently and ironically funneling millions of dollars to the rebels in Syria. In fact, Israel is capitalizing enormously on the collapse of Bashar al-Assad government. The fall of al-Assad in Syria means a lot to Israel. It is in fact tantamount to immense latitude and a capacious place of potency in the Middle East."

Israel steps up Jerusalem expulsions :: Even Tony Blair can’t save...

"Although, Israel annexed East Jerusalem in 1967, in violation of international law, most of its Palestinian population received only Israeli residency permits, not citizenship....According to Israeli figures, more than 13,000 Palestinians -- from a current population of 260,000 in East Jerusalem -- have had their residency revoked since then."



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