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The psychopathology of a settler state called Israel

This year, the Government of Israel celebrated its 70th birthday in what may well be described as brutal, blatant, murderous, thuggish and shameful. Through...

Government cracks down on "Occupy" protests across the US

"Photos of bloodied and terrified young protesters splash the web, as the government abandons the pretense that it is “for the people, by the people and of the people.” Police mauling protesters is the domestic counterpart to Hillary Clinton’s cavalier quote on NATO’s war of expansion in Libya and Qaddafi’s death — “we came, we saw, he died,” an illiterate adaptation of Julius Caesar’s vini vidi vici. That is, as it ceaselessly expands its mandate to temporal godhead, the US is now above the fig leaves of democracy, human rights, and other rhetorical poses. They will still be invoked, but half-heartedly — Rome no longer needs to pose as a Republic, when it can confidently display its scepter of Imperium. And while comparisons of the US with Rome may be old hat, this self-admission is something brand new."

Libyan War reveals psychedelic dusk of pax Americana

"Unlike Kosovo, which is still perceived as a “good war,” the Libya war will prove to be a bitter pill to swallow for Pentagon Inc. Unlike the former Yugoslavia, the people have not been weakened by the poverty inflicted by IMF-economic reforms; nor crippled by economic sanctions as in Iraq. Qaddafi has psychologically mobilized the population on anti-colonialism; and despite the stresses of the past six-months, the Libyan population still has the highest literacy rates and health indexes of North Africa. The corporations may move in, but it is possible that the people are prepared to give them hell in return."

Iraq and the end of the empire

"The imperial power of the US never translated into a pax Americana for the people of western Asia as it did in post-war Europe. The US did not forge a viable security architecture that would be inclusive and that it would enforce in the name of stability. The Israel lobby and other rightwing constituencies ensure that US foreign policies remain divisive. For the US, regional security interdependencies are problematic exactly because they make it rather more difficult to divide and rule."

Democracy between myth and reality

"An entire industry of lobbyists has also emerged. Lobbying is an expensive undertaking. A small group of people with money is able to manipulate the political system to their advantage. In the US, the Zionist lobby, the armaments industry and more recently the banking industry have all shown how the system is controlled and manipulated. No US leader has the courage to oppose the demands of the Zionist lobby. While millions of Americans are deprived of the right to a decent job, housing and healthcare, billions of dollars are funnelled to the Zionist State of Israel each year. America’s global wars are waged on the backs of ordinary Americans whose sons and daughters die in distant lands so that the armaments industry barons can make tidy profits."



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