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Taming the Elephant: A lesson for Arab and Muslim Communities

"When there is a political challenge or crisis situation, the vast majority of the Arab and Muslim community (with a few notable exceptions) remains passive, resulting in little or nothing being done. This behavior contrasts strongly with the confidence and assertiveness of the Zionist community and their Christian Zionist allies. They speak out loudly and organize themselves in support of Israel, no matter what that country has done, how many laws it has broken, or crimes it has committed."

Steven Emerson’s Disturbing Track Record

"It is an unfortunate consequence of post 9/11 life in America, where fear-mongering is a reality, that notorious career Islamophobes, such as this individual, are subjected to little scrutiny and virtually no credibility tests - even as mainstream Muslim leaders with established track records are readily second-guessed."

Steven Emerson’s Crusade

Did self-styled anti-terrorism expert Steven Emerson help push the world toward nuclear war? On Sunday, June 28, a sensational story appeared in the British newspaper The...



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