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Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement Under Review

It has been reported by Global News that the Canada-United States Safe Third Country (STCA) is under review. They acquired government documents prepared in...

The growing existential threat of Muslim ethnic cleansing: A perspective on...

As the Muslim world deals with the horrific acts of terror perpetrated by Brenton Tarrant from Grafton, NSW, Australia, equally morally reprehensible was that it...

Anti-Muslim bigotry has become a multi-billion-dollar industry

The shocking March 15th attack on two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, has put the Islamic American community into a tailspin.  The massacre took...

Britain’s witch-finders are ready to burn Jeremy Corbyn

"McCarthyism" is a word thrown around a lot nowadays, and in the process, its true meaning – and horror – has been increasingly obscured. McCarthyism...

Theresa May’s Battle For Survival Scapegoats Hezbollah

Having lost considerable influence in Europe and other parts of the world over the ding-dong being played out over Brexit, Theresa May is seeking...




Shooting the Messenger

Pleading an Arab cause