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When elephants fight, it is only the grass that suffers

"Many Iraqis believe that the best foreign policy for Iraq is to have no enemies, resolve its problems with its neighbors peacefully, and maintain strategic relations with both the US and Iran. This is not easy when those two countries are in a state of confrontation. It would be best for Iraq's interests that the US and Iran realign their relations. Of course, this would require a strategic shift on the part of both countries--a serious challenge given the history of their relations and the anticipated pushback by Israel, the Saudis, and American and Iranian hardliners. But a stalemate, the ongoing rise of Turkey, and changes brought by the Arab spring could cause decisionmakers in both countries to reconsider."

Inside Karl Rove’s Diary: Back to Permanent Political War

Rove (aka Turdblossom, Bush's pet name for him) has returned to center stage with renewed desire to playmake the GOP's return to power. He has plenty to say about the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, the Big Dog, the GOP's "Big Lie" practice, and his plans to destroy the Obama presidency and the Democratic Party.

The dilemma of Arab nationalists

"There must come a point when supporters of freedom for Palestinians, under a brutal military occupation and living in much worse conditions than most people, must take the same stand for others, even if the latter live in relatively milder conditions. Until then, we must not be surprised when Iranians, like Iraqis before them, stop caring about fundamental causes, no matter how righteous."

"Shallow Throat" On Obama and GOP Obstructionism

"Just think what could happen if the recovery monies don't get out immediately to the states for 'shovel-ready' infrastructure projects. Imagine the anger and frustration if those jobs don't start to materialize until 2010 or 2011, and if there isn't quick relief for mortgage-payers facing foreclosure. Don't rule out a public backlash of immense proportions directed against a perceived more-of-the-same Obama Administration and the Democrat and Republican Parties in general."

Pakistan’s New Political Narrative

"...it is those who are struggling to dictate the terms for use and exercise of State power are the ones who have triggered the unhinging of the current set-up. The militant groups and the lawyers cannot be contained within the existing political system."



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