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Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement Under Review

It has been reported by Global News that the Canada-United States Safe Third Country (STCA) is under review. They acquired government documents prepared in...

Legitimizing Islamophobia

It is open season on Muslims. There is hardly a country in the world where Muslims do not face genocide, racist attacks, ethnic cleansing,...

Canada opens Arctic to NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup

"Canada requires an adversary to justify large-scale arms acquisitions. In the past three years it has bought and leased 120 Leopard tanks from Germany and the Netherlands for the war in Afghanistan. It has purchased and used Israeli-made Heron drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) for the same war theater and beyond, one of which crashed near a military base in Alberta last month knocking out power lines."

Harper’s Canada dead last on G8 climate scorecard

"Mr. Harper claims that Canada's Kyoto target is unachievable, and if pursued would result in economic disaster, but the case of Germany suggests otherwise. Not only did it come out on top of the WWF ranking, but its economy did not suffer and it successfully promoted new renewable energy sources."

"Canada Day" or "Dominion Day"?

Calling July 1, 1867, "Canada Day" celebrates nothing since one could argue every day in Canada is "Canada Day."



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