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What Justifies the Adoption of Convenient Fantasy and Denial of Inconvenient...

"Leaders and followers alike in the family of humanity can do better, and I trust we will soon enough awaken to the need for behavior change rather than continue down the primrose path that Rachel Carson called a superhighway. Our adamantly advocating and relentlessly pursuing a morally disengaged and patently unsustainable way of life -- one of endless population growth and connected economic growth -- simply cannot last."

The Gold and the Stone

"Terrorism is the weapon of the weak. (“Give me tanks and airplanes, and I promise I won’t plant bombs’” a Palestinian once said.) Since the entire military strategy of Hamas is terrorizing Israeli communities along the border in order to persuade Israel to put an end to the occupation (and, in the case of Gaza, to the ongoing blockade), Goldstone’s indignation seems a bit surprising....Altogether, Goldstone has now paved the way for another Cast Lead operation which will be far worse....I expect , however, that he can now pray in any synagogue he chooses."

Manning’s military detention and consequences for US law

"Manning’s case in court would actually make for a boring legal drama, for everyone already knows the ending. What Manning’s case is doing is to shore up in the US public mind the uncomfortable issues of law, legitimacy and power run amok. Which obscure law will be ultimately chosen for nailing the soldier and WikiLeaks is not so important as the recognition that if law is no more than Play Doh in the hands of the state, then the agreements and principles that brought the United States into existence are no more than moldering flakes of 18th-century ink."

King Not Fit to Lead

"In the end, the King hearings were a bust - a shameful and wasted exercise. They created fear and hurt among Muslims, provided no useful information for law enforcement, and deepened the partisan divide. They weren't even a good example of "McCarthyism". Instead they were ideological folly - a suborning of an important Committee's resources to serve the Chairman's obsession with America's Muslims, calling into question his ability to provide effective leadership on matters of homeland security."

Netanyahu’s illusory peace plan :: Israel cornered on every front ::

"Palestinians insist on a deal on permanent borders, saying Israel would use anything less as an opportunity to grab more land in the West Bank. At the weekend Abbas reiterated his refusal to accept a temporary arrangement....Herb Keinon, an analyst for the rightwing Jerusalem Post, observed that there was “little expectation” from Netanyahu that the Palestinians would accept his deal. The government hoped instead, he said, that it would “pre-empt world recognition of a Palestinian state” inside the 1967 borders."



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