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Thank You, Ireland

On Wednesday morning, I watched an amazing debate unfolding in the Irish Seanad (Senate), as members spoke for and against a bill to prohibit...

Climb Down From the Summit of Hostile Propaganda

Throughout the day before the summit in Helsinki, the lead story on the New York Times home page stayed the same: “Just by Meeting...

By razing Khan al-Ahmar, Israel will bulldoze illusions of peace process

Israel finally built an access road to the West Bank village of Khan al-Ahmar last week, after half a century of delays. But the...

Pakistan: Elections or Revulsion against Hall of Shame

Are the Pakistanis living in a Fantasy World? The logic of July 25 parliamentary elections in Pakistan is questionable as being a ceremonial stunt to...

Ban Tear Gas

Tear gas is among the least of the problems facing those who care about the murder and destruction of war. But it is a...